S.H., Bangor University.

Shelley has been my mentor within the HE sector for about 18 months and the mentoring relationship has been a real ‘tool’ in my personal and professional development. Shelley has the ability to listen then skillfully lead the discussion so that I actually end up answering my own questions having explored avenues that I would not normally explore on my own.

Over the last 18 months we have discussed motivation, leadership, productivity, managing change, workloads, time management, confidence, habits and much more. I can honestly say that the majority of the time I usually have something really tangible to come away and work on which results in either improved working styles or systems.

Shelley is honest, real and understanding and having experience in the field where she coaches and mentors really shows. Whilst encouraging me to challenge my thinking and practices I feel the underlying aim of our sessions is to achieve the best possible outcomes not just in terms of looking after my organisation but also looking after myself.

I have the privilege of continuing a mentoring relationship with Shelley and look forward to many more sessions, I am always grateful for the guidance, support and insight provided by Shelley.