Break Bad Habits by Keeping Your Plan Simple

I was speaking with a former colleague (now retired) last week who used the expression “I’m trying to…” so many times in our conversation that I was reminded of a posting I made last year. Personally I’ve stopped ‘trying’. It took conscious effort, but I think it was worth it. Now I either actually do whatever it is, or I don’t do it, but i don’t ‘try’ to do it. Life’s too short for that!


Break Bad Habits by Keeping Your Plan Simple –
Research from the British Psychological Society suggests strongly that trying to change too many habits at once doesn’t work, whereas focusing on one at a time does. This should be no surprise to anyone who’s ever over-committed themselves, but it’s still tempting when you’re in ‘let’s make changes’ mode to attempt too much all at once.

Here’s one habit I’m breaking – a bit at a time. I have decided to avoid ‘trying’ at all costs. This may seem an odd thing to say, but I know from experience that you can waste all your effort in ‘trying’ without ever actually doing whatever it is that needs to be done. So here’s the challenge: expunge ‘trying’ from your vocabulary.

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